NEW: Pastabilities



Pastabilities blends tradition and modern ingredients to create the finest range of fresh pasta and sauces. They use premium Australian ingredients and lots of fresh vegetables and herbs to create a range of hearty culinary delights

Pastabilties linguine, pappardelle, spaghettini are all made fresh and ready to cook  with your favourite sauce. We are also excited to range ravioli, gnocchi and lasagne each made with the finest of ingredients then snap frozen to ensure optimum freshness. There are no hidden extras or fillers, no preservatives, and no additives of any kind – just honest flavour filled foods.

We are sure you will love this range as much as we do!

Pastabilties Fresh Pasta:

Pastabilties Ravioli:

Pastabilties Gnocchi & Lasagne:

Pastabilties Pasta Sauce: