Kale, Ham, Cheese & Tomato Quesadillas

Kale, Ham, Cheese & Tomato Quesadillas



Prep Time

10 mins

Cook Time

12 mins

  • 1 bunch kale, washed, dried
  • 8 flour tortillas
  • ½ cup Mexican tomato salsa
  • 200g ham
  • 2 cups grated mozzarella
  • 1 tbs vegetable oil
  • 1 avocado, diced or smashed
  • 1 bunch coriander
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges


Remove the centre stem from the kale, roughly chop leaves. Preheat chargrill or large frypan on high.


Spread half the tortillas with tomato salsa. Top with kale, ham and mozzarella. Sandwich together with remaining tortillas. Brush both sides tortillas with oil. Chargrill, weighted with a heavy pan or pressing down with a dinner plate, in batches if necessary, for 2-3 minutes each side until golden and charred.


Cut quesadillas into quarters and top with avocado, coriander leaves and lime wedges.

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